Using Photography Contracts

I use photography contracts for a variety projects. Photographers often ask if this is crucial to running a photography business. There was a time when a simple handshake was used to bind people into an agreement. Sadly, this time has passed, and we now live in a time of handwritten and signed agreements. Photography Contracts [...]

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Image Formats for Professional Photography

This is an ongoing post that I will be adding to as time goes on. A question that constantly looms in the mind of nearly every aspiring photographer: What image formats do I shoot and edit with? With new camera models and technology coming out so often, the options are seemingly endless, but the answer [...]

Appropriate Outfits for Engagement Photos

When it comes to couples getting engaged, it's impossible to begin to imagine the kinds of irrational decisions that can be made, especially when selecting clothing for the ever-so-anticipated engagement photos. In my time photographing couples, I have found some of the most random outfit choices, that even made me cringe (not to mention grandma, [...]

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