One of my first big website projects has been a great success. Robbie and the rest of the Spin Properties team has been great to work with. The Spin Properties website is a prime place for real estate investors to find the tools and team to make the most out of their real estate investments.
I have found web design to be a very useful and valuable skill to have. I make it a habit of telling designers and photographers that I know – Learn Web Design. Even the most basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will make you immeasurably more valuable as an employee or a freelance contractor. Most often I find that creative people (e.g. designers and photographers) lack the motivation to learn web language because it appears about the furthest thing from “creative” as you can get. This is understandable, considering that the language used for web development is literally an entire language of its own, and is remarkably akin to greek.
One of the most valuable and profitable decisions I ever made was deciding to learn HTML, CSS and becoming proficient at understanding the language of the web.