I use photography contracts for a variety projects. Photographers often ask if this is crucial to running a photography business. There was a time when a simple handshake was used to bind people into an agreement. Sadly, this time has passed, and we now live in a time of handwritten and signed agreements. Photography Contracts are a professional and simple way to define the responsibilities and commitments of both you and your client(s). This is tough for many creative professionals, fearing that this complicates the process of hiring you, and therefore might deter business. But let me show you how using contracts will create EXACTLY the atmosphere of comfort and ease you and your clients are looking for.

Using Photography Contracts Tactfully

What does a contract mean to me? It means I intend to follow through. It means I respect my product and I don’t make excuses for myself. I know my photography is worthy of its price. A contract shows that I am accountable, it shows that I want to give my clients the best product possible. What does a contract mean to my client? A contract says that they are working with a professional and they will give you more respect and trust. There experience with you will be better because no one is worrying! The biggest question at this point is: How do I go about creating and signing contracts in the simplest way possible? In the age of instant digital communication, driving to someone’s house to have them sign a piece of paper seems a little archaic. Fortunately, there are options for creating digital agreements that can be signed online and no one has to go anywhere. I use a website called docracy.com. It is free and super easy to use. You can write your own contracts exactly how you want, and your clients can sign them online.
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