Fusion Slider Instructions

Fusion Slider is a beautifully simplistic slider with amazing flexibility that produces stunning results. This responsive slider gives you full control of the slider width and height so you can easily create fixed, full width or full screen sliders. Create image and video slides with support for self hosted videos, Youtube and Vimeo. Add [...]

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Custom Cabinet Photography

I currently provide custom cabinet photography for a number of local cabinet shops in the Salt Lake area. For a custom cabinet designer, it is crucial that you have high resolution, professional image of your work. There is nothing like having mediocre pictures state-of-the-art cabinetry. When a designer completes a custom cabinet job, they send [...]

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Residential Real Estate Photography

Recently, much of my photography work has been in residential real estate photography, more specifically residential real estate. Most real estate agents view this as just "pictures of the house I'm selling". I have found, however, that this view can have quite a watering-down effect on the quality of work. Real Estate photography, whether it's a [...]

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Architectural Photography

Lately I have had the opportunity to do some architectural photography in Downtown Salt Lake City. I have discovered and started using many new techniques to create well-lit and straight photos. Commercial photography can be quite different than portrait photography. It has forced me to pay attention to aspects of the photograph that I didn't [...]

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Using Photography Contracts

I use photography contracts for a variety projects. Photographers often ask if this is crucial to running a photography business. There was a time when a simple handshake was used to bind people into an agreement. Sadly, this time has passed, and we now live in a time of handwritten and signed agreements. Photography Contracts [...]

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