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Aerial Photography

Give your clients a stunning bird’s eye view with aerial photography. I provide beautiful aerial photography of the site to give perspective and context to viewers. Aerial photography is a must-have for today’s brokers and real estate agents. I am fully licensed and registered, including FAA Rule 107, which allows commercial UAV photography and video.

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3D Virtual Tours

Using the most advanced digital technology, we create stunning 360 virtual tours of your space. This is one of the most powerful and effective pieces of marketing that gives potential buyers the ability to virtually walk through the entire home from their computer or mobile device.

Progress Aerial Videos

Let your fans see your works in progress. Detailed aerial video and photography will let people follow the progress of your projects as if they were right there with you. I will come once a month or so to take a few quick video shots of the progress, then at the end, I’ll put together a mashup of all of them so viewers can see the project from start to finish. Depending on the size of the project, each visit costs $50-$100.

“Jared is amazing! I reached out to him to photograph our custom cabinetry jobs for our portfolio, website, and marketing. At the time I was very over whelmed having not had any projects photographed in a full year. After hours of looking through his work and others I decided to give him a try. I had no idea the burden he would take off my shoulders. His organization and the system he has created makes everything go easily and flawless. Jared is a great communicator, am always in the know although I have little involvement in the process. He is very professional when dealing with me and my clients. Several of my clients have commented to me after he shoots their homes on how professional and kind he was. Click edit button to change this text.”

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Hand-Painted Watercolor

Let us create a beautiful, hand-painted watercolor of the front elevation view of your new project. All we need is the architectural renderings, so we can get it painted before you even begin construction. We include the original watercolor, as well as a fine-art printed copy, nearly indistinguishable from the original. This makes a perfect gift for the owner, and you can keep one to hang in your office.

Looking for Portrait Photography?

Are you looking for Wedding or Family Photos? I have a website dedicated to portrait photography. I don’t want them to get mixed up, so it has a site of it’s own. You’ll find detailed info, portfolio, and pricing information. Thanks and enjoy!

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